You are right where you need to be on this journey.

Sometimes we look around at our cluttered countertops, the piles of paper on our desk, our overstuffed closets and drawers in disarray and think ‘How did I get here?’ And yet, I’m so glad this is where you are at! Everything you have experienced up until now has made you who you are at this very moment. And your things are a part of that. Let’s honor them! It’s understandable that you may feel overwhelm, frustration and maybe even shame. However where you are right now can be the perfect springboard for you to transition into your next chapter of thriving in your space. Trust me.

We need to be curious about our stuff and compassionate with ourselves.

We go about our days (and years!) gathering things and oftentimes don’t think twice about their impact on our lives. It’s easy to do. We are all so busy! And we get messages from every direction to always bring more and more things into our home. It’s not that I want my clients to “just throw everything away”. However, I do invite you to be genuinely curious about your things. Our things take up physical space, as well as mental and emotional space in our lives. They hold energy. And I want to make sure that energy is serving you.

We can cultivate our space to rise up to meet our highest selves.

When we mindfully transform our space, it can provide us with much needed clarity. The process of discarding all that no longer serves us allows those things we truly need and love to take center stage. Our space becomes a reflection of our most important values and opens up new ways of being. Everything has a purpose. Everything has a home. And we blossom in ways we could never have anticipated. 

Abundant Liberation is a way of life.

Our society encourages us to operate from a scarcity mindset. We are told that we will never have enough - and that we should be fearful and anxious about it. We are told that we will never be enough - and that we must contort and compromise ourselves to be acceptable. And yet this denies our miraculousness! You deserve to be free to be your amazing self - abundantly. Abundant liberation is a way of moving through the world where we allow ourselves to be plentiful with a joyful sense of aliveness.