I have worn many hats throughout my life.

I've been a classically trained ballet dancer, a community organizer on the southwest side of Chicago, a coach for small business owners, and a graduate with a Masters in Clinical Social Work. I'm a mama and more… In all of these chapters of my life, cultivation has been a continuous theme. Whether I'm cultivating myself or those around me, there is always a moving towards a deeper knowing and alignment with a greater vision. I am able to offer this practice of cultivation to my clients, and the results are extraordinary for not only your space, but also for you as a person. 

I'm a homebody. 

All of the pictures on this website are of my home which I love, and many of my guests tell me they do too! It’s not because it’s big (it’s 750 square feet). And it’s not because it’s made out of the most expensive materials (it’s not). But everything in my home connects with my needs, my values and reflects the beauty I want to see in the world. Every inch of my space has been cultivated to serve a deeply satisfying combination of form and function. I love doing this with my clients! 


I gravitate towards order.


I’ve learned to embrace this part of me versus criticizing it for being “too much”. It was a big relief for me to read Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and learn she too enjoyed organizing her things as a young child! I understand everyone finds themselves on different locales of this spectrum. I have nothing but non-judgment and compassion for us all. But this inclination I have towards order makes me very well suited to help you tidy your home to your liking.